Past Masters and Veterans

Honorary Members

Stephen Lee Brundage, PM
William E. Hargraves, PGM (GA 1980-1981)
Donald M. Robey PGM, (VA 1987)
Gregory Arthur Koondakjian

Past Masters

*Charles C. Witmer 1953
*Herbert Moran 1954
*Walter H. Stanford, PDDGM 1955
*John A. Tilley 1956
*John G. Fox 1957
*Arthur F. Dick, PDDGM 1958
*Charles W. Wood 1959
*James M. Kanak, PDDGM 1960
*Norman E. Watkins 1961
*Ludwig D. DeRossi 1962
*George C. Armon 1963
*Charles M. Wicks 1964
*Thomas J. Hepler 1965
*Elmer W. Williams, PDDGM 1966
*Robert L. Johnson 1967
*Edward K. Uhler 1968
*Reid J. Simmons, PDDGM 1969
*Frank L. Roberson 1970
*J. Carroll Wine 1971
*Bernard V. Wood 1972
*Edward K. Uhler, Jr 1973
*Carl E. Simpson 1974
*Francis M. Shoemaker, PDDGM 1975
*Henry L. Lassiter 1976
*Cecil C. Ward 1977
*Clarence L. Lanier 1978
*Theodore Campbell, Jr PDDGM**1979
*David G. Mathews, Jr. 1980
*Richard C. Fox 1981
William H. Atkinson, PDDGM 1982
James C. Jones 1983
*Dallas L. Lunceford 1984
*George R. Ragen 1985
Lewis W. Roland 1986
*Richard B. Baldwin, PDDGM 1987
*Wayne C. Linder, Jr. 1988
Frederick P. Hink 1989
*Clarence E. Gatton 1990
Richard E. Hodge 1991
Stephen W. Law 1992
*David A. Hetzer 1993
Kelso W. Horst 1994
*John Shroeder, Jr PDDGM 1995
Lonnie E. Tuthill 1996 PDDGM 2011 (18th District)
*Gary A. Yerace 1997
*Theodore B. Holm 1998
*Richard G. Bingler 1999
*E.A. “Doc” Viereck, Jr 2000
Michael A. Riley DDGM 2001
Gary L. Misch 2002
O. McNeil Marple 2003
Joseph R. Hartsoe 2004
Terence H. DuVall 2005, 2010, 2011
Steven F. Campbell 2006
Jason W. Lotz 2007
*David H. Andelman 2008
Charles E. Hinson 2009
Charles E. Wilkinson, III 2012, 2014
Pablo A. Rocha 2013
Farley W. Warner 2015, 2016
Joseph E. Millirons, 2017
Mark E. Coldren, 2018
Jason M. Hiimsey, 2019 , 2020, 2021

* Deceased

Elmer Timberman Lodge No 54


6911 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003, US

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