Honorary Members and Veterans

Honorary Members
William E. Hargraves
Donald M. Robey
Francis M. Shoemaker
Dallas “Bo” Lunceford 

60 Year Veterans

H. Penn Coddington Jr.
R. Edward Davis
Albert S. Gastoukian
Theodore B. Holm
Charles E.Hunnicutt
Richard B. McCord
Claremont L. Pederson
Ennis A. “Doc”Viereck, Jr.
Charles W. Welch

50 Year Veterans

Kenneth M. Adams
George S. Ahlfield
Charles P. Allison
John W. Atherton
George R. Bierman
Claude S. Breeden. Jr.
Lloyd R. Brown, Sr.
Irving N. Byrne
Hector A. Campbell
James R. Cowden
Paul E. Emerson
Leon R. Fleisher
Clarence Gatton
Wesley R. George
Guilford W. Griffin
Edwin A. Griffith, Sr.
Joseph D. Hartsoe
Robert L. Hayman
Robert R. Jones
Lee C. Lamoreux
Mitchell P. Lawrence
Gladden R. Leonard
Meade E. McCubbin
Robert C. McLees
Max L. Neuman
Stanley J. Perch
George R. Ragen
Kenneth M. Soter
Ray Thorkildsen
Edward K. Uhler, Jr.
Paul S. Walker
George T. Ward

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